Eco-Friendly Bicycles and E-Bikes

Mundiali has developed a revolutionary product line of e-bikes and tricycles that will change the way we transport ourselves in the future. They have an Italian design and offer innovative car-like features including:

• Wheel Hub Electric Motors
• Disk Brakes
• Lightweight Alloy Frames
• Integrated Li-Ion Batteries
• Security System
Mundali M7 Model of Bicycles

The Mundiali M4 
The M4 isn't just another bicycle. It is a splendid performance-packed hybrid that's a pleasure to ride regardless of conditions. Its rigid structure delivers a series of advantages in terms of weight reduction, dynamic behavior, rider comfort and safety.

The Mundiali M7 
Sporty and dynamic, the new generation of electric hubs debuts on the Mundiali M7. It has a top speed of 20 mph in electric mode only, delivering extended riding pleasure well beyond your common ride (25 miles, depending on riding conditions).


The Mundiali MT1

The Mundiali MT1 is a concept tricycle that is redefining the word personal mobility. The MT1 features aluminum alloy frame, weather-resistant soft sport bucket seat, disc brakes, and optional E-drive (speeds up to 45kpm, and up to 60km travelling range) enabling the rider to focus on one thing, the road. The performance and reliability will be enhanced by rust-proof Mag Steel 5-spoked 20" wheels. Each MT1 will come equipped with a standard Integrated Security System, locking the bicycle in place preventing theft or abuse – why should anyone have the thrill of riding your T1, you control access to who can ride it.

The Mundiali MT1, a revolution in personal mobility – why wait? Order yours today:

Retail Price Range:

• Bicycles - $450 to $750 • E-Bikes - $850 to $1,300 • Tricycles - $1,200 to $3,500
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